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Dec 11th 2018

Dear member, 

Welcome to our second weekly report. The past week has been really enlightening and we must share our analysis.

1. Crypto-market evolution

After a slight retracement at the end of November (see blue ellipse on the daily chart above), Bitcoin has resumed its downtrend. The bearish momentum is really powerful for the moment so we won't order any bullish trade while there is no obvious signal.

Bitcoin may decrease until its $2,000 support in all likelihood. Indeed there is no serious hurdle before this symbolic target, as you can see on the weekly chart below:

As usual, altcoins behaved like their Big Brother Bitcoin. 

Our company gathers a masternoding think tank but we are experts in all cryptocurrencies topics, especially trading and market analysis. This explains why we expected this strong downtrend at the beginning of the year. Actually, we are even happy about this behavior knowing the following facts: 

- That's not the first bubble the crypto-market encounters.

- The crypto-market needed to be "purged" after the crazy Bitcoin mania that occured last year. Every market includes recession phases. 

- Last but not least, the global pessimistic atmosphere enables the crypto-community to become aware of deficiencies in mining. So more people are likely to find out the advantages of masternodes.

2. Our masternodes statistics 

We explained in our first report that we use six coins to build masternodes: DASH, Zcoin, PIVX, Syscoin, SmartCash, Vitae. These masternodes have been consolidated over the last week thanks to your new investments. Basically the allocations remain equivalent as you can see in the following pie chart: 

(see pie below from Weekly Report #1 as a reminder)

The return of investment is similar as well for all these cryptocurrencies EXCEPT regarding VITAE. VITAE masternodes efficiency has skyrocketed. It has increased from 320% to 550% or so. 

(source: )

3. Crypnode rewards over the last week

VITAE has recently created a sensation as we have just explained. That's why we have slightly improved your noding rewards, especially Monday reward: 2.37% instead of 1.72%. 

To sum up, the overall weekly rate has increased from 5.67% to 6.32% thanks to the performance of our masternodes. 

Please note that the weekly rate is liable to decrease depending on the masternoding market. No magic result here, only hard facts. That being said, our Noding Contract offers you at least 0.5% as your minimal daily rate, in other words at least 3.5% per week.   

See you next week. 

Crypnode Technologies Limited

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