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Feb 18th 2019

Dear member, 

Your Crypnode experience is about to reach a turning point. This is not a classic weekly report as you are used to. There are going to be great improvements in weeks to come. 

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let us summarize our last figures.  

Here below is the recap table of your daily masternoding rewards over this twelveth week:

The overall weekly rate is equal to 4.22% as you can see in the chart below: 

Needless to say that the weekly rate has significantly decreased, this chart is speaking for itself. Anyway we have fulfilled what is stated in your Noding Contracts, meaning at least 0.5% per day. 

We must lower the daily rate for the sake of efficiency and safety. Indeed we are currently focusing on major improvements: more about our company/website than about our masternoding systems. 

Time will come again for optimizing our masternodes and their rewards. At the moment, we are tackling the following topics: 

- a new design more user-friendly

- a reorganization of our company in order to boost our worldwide growth.

- a huge event to prepare in Barcelona  

- last but not least, new payment systems: bank transfer, credit card. Many of our members have asked for quicker and more convenient payment methods: this feature will come true very soon! 

See you next week.

Crypnode Technologies Limited

   Official Group