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Feb 12th 2019

Dear member, 

The last week has been really important and there are many topics to talk about. 

1. Crypto-market evolution

As you can see in this Bitcoin weekly chart, the Bitcoin price has increased again but one more time, this candlestick is meaningless. 
However, Bitcoin isn't the only asset that is worth being monitored: indeed, Litecoin has been much more interesting. For your information, Litecoin is one of the major cryptocurrencies and that is pretty similar to Bitcoin. Most crypto-enthusiasts like considering Bitcoin and Litecoin as the digital gold and silver.

We can infer from this Litecoin weekly chart that this overall "crypto-pump" is much larger than it is regarding Bitcoin (see this longer candlestick inside the yellow ellipse)

As we have already explained it here and there, we don't only manage masternodes at Crypnode despite it is our core business. We are professional traders as well, and we never miss out an excellent trading signal. 

This kind of golden opportunity occurred last week on the Litecoin market. We put a trade on the 4 hour chart (see picture below - the yellow ellipse is zoomed into this lower timeframe):

Why did we buy LTC/USD after the bullish candlestick inside this grey-contoured ellipse?

- There was a short-term bullish trend within the long-term bearish scheme. The price respected a diagonal trendline (in brown)

- This bullish candle broke Kijun-Sen and SSB lines at the same time. These lines are part of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator and act as resistances: breaking them mean higher chances to keep on an ascending movement. 

Long story short, it was a successful bullish trade thanks to a 1:4.73 risk reward ratio! That is to say, the earned amount was almost 5 times larger than the risked amount. 

2. Our masternodes statistics 

Here below is the comparison of masternodes ROI:


We can infer from these tables the ROI variations: 

So in a nutshell, everything is green. Our main masternode - VITAE - has even benefited from a +15% increase! 


3. Crypnode rewards over the last week

Here below is the recap table of your daily masternoding rewards over this eleventh week:

The overall weekly rate is equal to 5.56% as you can see in the chart below: 

The last weekly rate was 6.19% and the new one is 5.56%, meaning -0.63%, in other words the weekly rate has lost 10% within one week.

We guess you are likely to wonder WHY this kind of significant decrease is happening to the weekly rate despite all the good news: a successful trade on Litecoin + higher masternodes profitability?

Well, we should say that as an online digital company, we may encounter some challenges to undertake. At those times, the reality on the ground doesn't reflect the nice figures on paper in a systematic way. 

So, what is this challenge we have had to face? Basically, we had to manage the migration of our servers. There are more than 2300 members currently, that implies to build larger IT systems to run our masternodes. 

This migration has made our masternodes shut down for a little while (around 48 hours). No active masternode means no earning. Anyway we were able to honor our commitments ; therefore we have provided at least 0.50% every day as it is stated in your Noding Contracts. 

The weekly rate is still really decent from this viewpoint. 

See you next week.

Crypnode Technologies Limited

   Official Group