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Dec 4th 2018

Dear member,

This is our first weekly report. Our company opened to the general public 8 days ago: welcome to Crypnode Technologies Limited!

Here are the main points we will elaborate every week:

1. Crypto market evolution

2. Our masternodes statistics

3. Crypnode rewards over the last week

This list will not be exhaustive: it can include other features depending on the current events.

1. About the crypto-market

As many of you know, this ecosystem reached its climax 1 year ago or so. Beginning in 2018, there has been a large sell-off of cryptocurrencies. More recently, the Bitcoin price was steady with low volatility around $6,000 (see BTC chart below with 1 candlestick = 1 week).

However, the crypto-market has collapsed one more time over the last three weeks. Therefore the grandfather of the cryptospace underwent its yearly lowest value — close to $3400. The last week was more quiet with a small bounce to $4,000.

The overall trend has been bearish for many weeks, which explains this behavior.

That being said, we could also think about a correlation between mining issues and this fall. Indeed, some bad news occurred especially about the huge mining firm Giga Watt that has declared bankruptcy. Mining and PoW (Proof of Work) are squarely called into question, as you will discover in in this article from

All these mining disruptions are a bit harmful for the crypto-market prices but at Crypnode, we wouldn't say that they were not expectable... This explains why we have clearly focused on PoS (Proof of Stake) and more especially masternoding instead of mining, despite its popularity.

2. Our masternodes statistics

The bearish behavior of Bitcoin sets the tone for the global crypto-market, including the coins we use here at Crypnode to build masternodes: DASH, Zcoin, PIVX, Syscoin, SmartCash, Vitae. All of them have decreased over the last weeks.

That being said, this downtrend in masternoding coins against US dollar has nothing to do with the noding rewards by themselves. This is one of the numerous advantages of masternodes: you can achieve huge ROI (return of investment) despite an uncertain background!

For example, the VITAE project is born in August 2018, that is to say, after the "explosion of the crypto-bubble" as they say ; the fact remains that the huge performance is unquestionable: more than 300% yearly. In addition, VITAE is a consistent and sustainable crypto-currency whose capitalization is higher than ten millions.

We also own DASH, PIVX and SmartCash masternodes since they are solide values. Dash was the first crypto-currency to really implement masternoding into its protocol.

Last but not least, Zcoin and Syscoin are promising coins.

You can find the annual ROI for these 6 cryptocurrencies in the following table:


More precisely, our masternoding investments are divided into the six aforementioned coins as follows:

We can infer from these allocations and the yearly ROI our yearly average ROI: 192.59%  

(calculation method: yearly average ROI = Sum of allocation X yearly ROI for every coin)

3. Crypnode rewards over the last week

Before talking about these rewards, we should do a small recap about our business model: you can invest in Crypnode Technologies Limited by using our Noding Contracts. Every contract has a part in masternodes development. Our masternodes are based upon the following coins so far: DASH, Zcoin, PIVX, Syscoin, SmartCash, Vitae. They give us an annual ROI of around 192.59%. So these first results have enabled us to provide you the following Blockchain noding rewards:

As you can see, the daily rate is very stable except regarding the rate of yesterday. Indeed we process our weekly balance sheet every monday and the outcome has been really amazing: we have got a lot of new investors since the official opening. This explains why we were able to offer 1.72%.

This is only the beginning... So stay tuned.

See you next week.

Crypnode Technologies Limited

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