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Jan 22nd 2019

Dear member, 

Welcome to our eighth weekly report.

1. Crypto-market evolution

As you can see in this Bitcoin weekly chart, the cryptomarket has gone on consolidating over the last week (see candlestick inside yellow ellipse). We can even add that this consolidation is getting tighter and tighter with a lower volatility. 

Ranging markets are often followed by huge moves (bearish or bullish) so we would recommend you to be very careful before entering the cryptomarket. 

2. Our masternodes statistics 

Here below is the comparison of masternodes ROI:


We can infer from these tables the ROI variations: 

So basically, the ROIs have remained steady, there is only a very slight increase in our whole masternoding system.

3. Crypnode rewards over the last week

Here below is the recap table of your daily masternoding rewards over this eighth week:

The overall weekly rate is equal to 5.93% as you can see in the chart below: 

So the current weekly rate has increased from 5.90% to 5.93%, that is to say, +0.5%. The weekly rate is complying with the ROI variations (see part 2) 

See you next week.

Crypnode Technologies Limited

   Official Group