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New promotion tool: LANDING PAGES

Jan 10th 2019

Dear member, 

Great news to share with you about your marketing tools!

We have created four compelling landing pages to help you to refer new investors. Essentially a landing page is the straightforward overview of a complete website. 

Furthermore, not only you can benefit from one single landing page, but also from three others! 

Why 4 landing pages? Basically you will select your favorite depending on the angle from which you would like to introduce Crypnode. 

More precisely: 

1) if you want to stress the interest of Crypnode as a smarter way to make money from cryptocurrencies (instead of trading). 

People you may target: crypto-enthusiasts, retail traders, and so on... 

2) in order to showcase Crypnode as the best investment generally speaking, apart from any cryptocurrency background. 

People you may target: every kind of investors such as webmarketers, real estate professionals...

3) if you want to talk about the Noding Contract details and the affiliation program.

People you may target: HYIP-enthusiasts, team leaders who are likely to enjoy our career plan bonuses (Up to $45,000!)

4) in order to showcase the IT aspect of Crypnode: masternodes, as a better alternative to classic mining. 

People you may target: crypto-enthousiasts, miners,  "geeks"...

As you can see, every link includes your username (please replace this "username" with yours), meaning that you can directly use it to make your new referrals sign up. These 4 landing pages are available in your dashboard as well (check your "TEAM" tab). 

We sincerely hope that these new tools will help you. We would be happy to get your feedback about your landing pages. 

Best regards and stay tuned. 

Crypnode Technologies Limited

   Official Group