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Jan 8th 2019

Dear member, 

The sixth week of Crypnode has ended. We would like to thank each and every one of you for taking part in our company. 

Let us come back to the past week.

1. Crypto-market evolution

As you can see in this Bitcoin weekly chart, the crypto-market has kept consolidating over the last week (see candlestick inside yellow ellipse). Indeed, the range of this small green candlestick is included in the range of the previous candlestick, meaning that the Bitcoin price has not reached any new high/low. 

2. Our masternodes statistics 

Here below is the comparison of masternodes ROI:

(source: )

We can infer that the ROIs are pretty much the same, apart from slight moves in VITAE and PIVX. The first one has decreased from 317.72% to 308.23% (about -3%) and the second one has increased from 12.01% to 12.45% (about +3.5%).

3. Crypnode rewards over the last week

Here below is the recap table of your daily masternoding rewards over this sixth week:

The overall weekly rate is equal to 6.06% as you can see in the chart below: 

So the current weekly rate is steady in comparaison to the one of the previous week (only a very slight decrease from 6.11% to 6.06%). 

In summary, the steadiness of the masternodes statistics results in the steadiness of our earnings rates. 

See you next week.

Crypnode Technologies Limited

   Official Group