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Dec 25th 2018

Dear member, 

Crypnode has opened a website to the general public almost 1 month ago, on November 26. The first monthly balance sheet is very satisfactory as you will discover further. 

1. Crypto-market evolution

Last week has ended up really "green" for the overall crypto-market. According to this Bitcoin weekly chart, it started near $3200 and closed at almost $4000, in other words a 25% increase! 

That being said, everyone has to be really careful before considering investment on cryptocurrencies, despite what can be said here and there by crypto-fans. Yes you can benefit from this short-term bullish momentum, and we did benefit at Crypnode as you will read at the end of this report. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that the overall background is still strongly bearish and avoid thinking about "holding to the moon" as they say. 

2. Our masternodes statistics 

We did not make any update in masternodes allocations over this past week. However, some ROI have noticeably evolved as you can see below : 


DASH, PIVX and SYSCOIN masternodes' ROI have remained steady (for instance only 0.18% decrease in SYSCOIN). 

But SMARTCASH has gone from around 30% to 39% (+30% increase in the ROI). Conversely, an important decrease occurred regarding VITAE and especially ZCOIN whose ROI has lost more than 50% of its value (from 56% to 25%)

3. Crypnode rewards over the last week

Here below is the recap table of your daily masternoding rewards over this fourth week:

The overall weekly rate has increased from 6.18% to 6.95% as you can see in the chart below: 

You may be currently asking yourself why the new weekly rate is higher than the previous one despite lower masternodes performance. And you are right! 

Well, it is important to keep in mind that we are experts in most cryptocurrencies areas. Masternoding is our core business but we have learnt how to manage several sources of income over the last years. Trading is one of them. We have won a successful trade this week by taking advantage of the counter-trend movement we have already mentioned at the beginning of this report. 

We are going to enlarge on this operation for the sake of transparency. So, let's come back to the Bitcoin chart and zoom in on a lower timeframe: 4 hours. 

The yellow ellipse looks much bigger. We have not erased it as it may help you to understand.

Our trading strategy is based on Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, one of the most powerful indicator. We opened a bullish position after the price broke the blue line (Kijun-Sen line in Ichimoku system) and closed above it. The bullish candle is marked by a small green ellipse. Then we were aiming at $4000 target with the Stop Loss that was set below the low of the bullish candle. This was a nice trade: the risk reward ratio was equal to 300%!  

To sum up, this successful trade enables us to offset the decrease in masternodes ROI. That's why your overall weekly rate is pretty satisfactory. 

See you next week and merry Christmas! 

Crypnode Technologies Limited

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