• 1. What is Crypnode Technologies Limited?

    Crypnode Technologies Limited is an investment company which was incorporated in Hong Kong. We are experts in crypto-currencies, blockchain, and more especially in masternodes.

  • 2. Who can create an account with Crypnode?

    Any individual or company can benefit from our services on condition that you are of age in your country.

  • 3. How to open my Crypnode Account?

    Follow this link, fill in the registration form and then press "Register".

  • 4. How to invest with Crypnode?

    First of all, you have to open your account. Then you can buy your first Noding Contract. All deposits must be made through your dashboard. You can login using the member username and password you receive after your registration.

  • 5. How much will I earn in Crypnode with your Noding Contract?

    The noding contract of the company is for now a multinode plan with the 6 masternodes : DASH, PIVX, VITAE, SYSCOIN, SMART and ZCOIN.
    Here are the features of this contract:
    - It expires at 150%
    - Daily rewards from 0.5% to 1.5% and from Tuesday to Sunday.
    - Monday is a special day: the company gives a manual percentage to all members which can reach UP TO 5%.
    These variable rates depend on our Blockchain rewards from masternoding.

  • 6. Which payment methods do you provide?

    You are allowed to take advantage of a wide range of payment methods:
    - Perfect Money
    - Payeer
    - Bitcoin
    - Ethereum
    - Litecoin
    - Bitcoin Cash
    - DASH
    - PIVX
    - Ripple

    Please note that investing in several Noding Contracts enables you to have 9 cash balances at your disposal (all your contracts are completely independent of one another).

  • 7. What are the deposit limits?

    Every currency (crypto or US dollar) sets its specific limits:
    - from $50 to $500,000 if you pay with USD payment processor (Perfect Money or Payeer)
    - from 0.01 BTC to 100 BTC if you pay with Bitcoin
    - from 0.3 ETH to 3,000 ETH if you pay with Ethereum
    - from 1 LTC to 10,000 LTC if you pay with Litecoin
    - from 0.3 BCH to 3,000 BCH if you pay with Bitcoin Cash
    - from 0.5 DASH to 5,000 DASH if you pay with Dash
    - from 50 PIVX to 500,000 PIVX if you pay with Pivx
    - from 100 XRP to 1,000,000 XRP if you pay with Ripple

  • 8. What is the purpose of your Noding Contract?

    This contract deals with our general expenses, that is to say: the layout and the growth of our offices, computer maintenance fees, crypto-currencies trading, mining... to sum up, everything that turns around masternoding.
    Obviously, it is focused on our core business as well: masternoding. As we explain it in our WHAT IS MASTERNODE? page, setting up a masternode requires a minimum number of coins (1,000 Dash for a Dash Masternode). So, your funds enable us to create new masternodes.
    The noding contract of the company is for now a multinode plan with the 6 masternodes : DASH, PIVX, VITAE, SYSCOIN, SMART and ZCOIN.

  • 9. How to withdraw my funds?

    Login to your account using your username and password and check the Request cashout section.

  • 10. What are the withdrawal limits?

    There is no maximum payout amount. The minimum payout amount depends on your payment method:
    - $1 for USD payment processors (Payeer and Perfect Money)
    - 0.005 BTC
    - 0.01 ETH
    - 0.05 LTC
    - 0.01 BCH
    - 0.02 DASH
    - 10 PIVX
    - 5 XRP

  • 11. Are there any fees to invest/withdraw my funds?

    We do not apply any fees, neither for investments nor for withdrawals.

  • 12. What if I would like to refer other members? Is there any affiliation program?

    You can benefit from two features: Career Plan and Referral Program.

    There are 6 successive steps which depend on the total deposits from the first two levels of your downline.
    - BEGINODER: $125 bonus as soon as you get $2,500 deposit from your first two levels.
    - SMARTNODER: $450 bonus as soon as you get $7,500 deposit from your first two levels.
    - BUILDNODER: $1,750 bonus as soon as you get $25,000 deposit from your first two levels.
    - BIGNODER: $5,250 bonus as soon as you get $75,000 deposit from your first two levels.
    - SUPREMENODER: $20,000 bonus as soon as you get $250,000 deposit from your first two levels.
    - MASTERNODER: $45,000 bonus as soon as you get $500,000 deposit from your first two levels.

    You will earn commissions for every new contract among your direct and indirect referrals. The depth of your team can reach 7 levels.
    - Level 1: 5%
    - Level 2: 3%
    - Level 3: 2%
    - Level 4: 2%
    - Level 5: 1%
    - Level 6: 1%
    - Level 7: 0.5%

  • 13. What is your representative program?

    Our representatives are exceptional members who are entirely involved in Crypnode's growth and benefit from enhanced commissions in return.
    Here are the better commissions you will get on your 7 levels:
    - Level 1: 8%
    - Level 2: 5%
    - Level 3: 3%
    - Level 4: 2%
    - Level 5: 2%
    - Level 6: 1%
    - Level 7: 1%
    To become a representative, you need to reach the rank of SMARTNODER, that is to say, at least $7,500 total investment from your first two levels of referrals.

  • 14. How long does it take for my contract to be added to my account?

    If you pay with USD methods (Perfect Money or Payeer), then your account will be updated as fast as you invest.
    If you pay with crypto-currencies, you will have to wait for the confirmation of the transaction through the Blockchain network.

  • 15. How long does the withdrawal request process take?

    Withdrawal requests may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

  • 16. Is it possible to reinvest my Blockchain rewards?

    Sorry, this is not possible. We must collect real money (from PM/Payeer accounts or cryptocurrency wallets, not from your virtual Crypnode E-Wallet) in order to build masternodes. So you can only withdraw your Blockchain rewards.

  • 17. What happens to my rewards if the crypto-market is subjected to a decrease?

    These rewards can be divided into three categories: passive income, referral commissions and career plan bonuses.

    Your daily passive income is credited into the same currency as your initial Noding Contract.
    For example, if you have invested 10 ETH, then you will receive between 0.05ETH and 0.15ETH from Tuesday to Sunday and up to 0.50ETH on Monday, no matter how the Ethereum price (in USD) is fluctuating.

    Your referral commissions are credited into the same currency as the Noding Contract of your referral.
    For example, if you have made a single $200 investment with Payeer, but one of your direct referral invests 1,000 XRP, then you will receive 5%, that is to say, 50 XRP in your virtual Crypnode's Ripple cash balance. The Ripple price (in USD) does not impact your referral commission, just like the previous case.

    Conversely, the amounts in the career plan - bonuses as well as required thresholds - are expressed in USD.
    Anytime someone in your first two levels purchases a Noding Contract, the amount is converted to USD at THAT exact time, and then added to what we could call your "career balance USD". Once your balance reaches a new USD threshold, you will get the USD bonus which will be instantly converted to the currency of your biggest contract and credited to your account.

    EXAMPLE: Let us assume the following scenario:
    - You have invested $100 with Perfect Money and 1 LTC (with Litecoin price equal to $50 at the time of deposit).
    - The total deposit from your first two levels of referrals is equal to $20,000: it means that you need $5,000 to reach the BUILDNODER level.
    - A new direct referral has just joined your team and is about to invest 1 BTC.
    There are two cases:
    a) if the current Bitcoin price is $4,000 at that time, then the total deposit in your team is $24,000, which is lower than $25,000 and your level is not yet upgraded.
    b) if the current Bitcoin price is $5,500 at that time, then the total deposit in your team is $25,500, and you win the BUILDNODER bonus. More precisely, you will receive your bonus in your virtual Crypnode's Perfect Money cash balance because your PM contract is bigger than your LTC contract.

  • 18. When do I get my Blockchain rewards ?

    Daily rewards are always credited at 11:55pm GMT+1.

  • 19. Is my account protected correctly ?

    Yes, it is. Our website is protected against cyber attacks. Your data are secured and will never be forwarded to any third party. You can improve the safety by using a strong password or extra settings like Google Authenticator.
    WARNING: We are not responsible for any loss you might encounter. Please be careful with your account.

  • 20. Is it allowed to open several accounts in Crypnode in order to benefit from the affiliation program?

    WARNING: No, it is absolutely forbidden. If we discover that one member has more than one account, the entire funds will be frozen.
    More precisely, we will be able to detect if there are any cheating to take advantage of our career plan / referral commissions (IP analysis, lack of proportion between the deposits of a sponsor and his referral, and so on...)

  • 21. I would like to make an Ethereum deposit. But I cannot include the input data you provide in my personal ETH wallet. What should I do?

    No problem, you can make your deposit by using only our ETH address. The input data enables you to get an automatic deposit but it is not mandatory.
    So your ETH deposit must be added manually. Please contact us and provide the transaction ID (its length is around 60 characters).

  • 22. I regret my investment. Is it possible to be refunded?

    Sorry, this is impossible. Our Noding Contracts are not refundable.
    Explanation: Once you have subscribed to a new contract, the deposited funds are used to create new masternodes: technically speaking, this process is irreversible.

  • 23. I cannot find the information I need in this FAQ. What should I do?

    There are three company email adresses depending on the kind of informations you would like to know:

    1) technical.department@crypnode.io for any technical issue (examples: wrong upline, missing contract, erroneous account details, unreachable account...). We can provide more data about our masternoding systems as well.
    Maximum processing time before our answer: 24 hours.

    2) sales.department@crypnode.io for any general question about our company. More especially, you can submit cooperation requests. You will find out more details in our COOPERATION page.
    Maximum processing time before our answer: 48 hours.

    3) wang.zheng@crypnode.io : this is the professional email address of the Chief Financial Officer of Crypnode: Wang Zheng. Please contact him for serious business only. Our CFO does not deal with personal issues, please read our FAQ/documents or send an email to technical.department@crypnode.io.
    Maximum processing time before his answer: 72 hours.

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