Offices presentation

What is Crypnode Technologies Limited ?

Crypnode is an innovative startup in the cryptocurrency universe, and more especially the masternode model. Masternodes and mining are complementary tiers in the network to achieve distributed consensus on the blockchain. The traditional mining sector is already extremely competitive : for the sake of success and durability, Crypnode Technologies has decided to be entirely involved as a pioneer leader in the masternodes area, which is still little known. We offer our customers the opportunity of taking advantage of the masternodes without having to deal with the complexity proper to this model.

- No electricity cost
- ROI higher than mining
- No hardware to finance
- Infinite growth possibilities
- Not limited by our operating space

Processors / Cryptocurrencies deposit options

Noding Contract

  • DAILY blockchain rewards from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Monday is special day: UP TO 5%.
  • The contract expires at 150%.
Generally speaking, Monday is the most profitable day because we process our weekly balance sheet. So, the company gives a manual percentage to all members which can reach UP TO 5%.
The Noding Contract expires as soon as you have received 150% of your initial investment. Our masternodes are able to work without any time limit but the blockchain rewards beyond 150% are paid to our company for the sake of the sustainability of our business model.
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